Actually You Can Get About 16 More Pods For Very Similar Price As Standard K-Cups: Review Of The Senseo Coffee Maker

Sweety, September 28, 2016

coffee review Senseo Coffee Machine by Phillips is a great way to have a fast and fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

The main advantage is that you make any cup fresh instead of brewing an entire pot, and are spared drinking coffee that was sitting in a coffee pot for hours.

Instead of traditional machines that use a coffee pot or carafe, now this unique machine uses individual pods to create a perfect cup of coffee on demand. Known whether I know it’s 6 in the morning, those who like to drink coffee throughout the day can enjoy a fresh cup anytime, lunchtime, or the mid afternoon energy slump.

coffee review Its price is comparable or less than a lot of the newer coffee makers designed to brew one cup at a time or coffee makers designed to avoid burnt coffee taste, the Senseo machine may seem like a more expensive alternative than a standard drip coffee maker.

Your coffee ships directly to your home, amazon’s subscribe and save program also enables you to have the convenience of home delivery at a discount.

You can get about 16 more pods for identical price as standard Kcups. Then, at around sixty dollars, the Senseo is an affordable alternative to the Keurig home brewing system, and the Senseo pods are also more economically priced. You can use one pod on the two cup setting, Therefore if you’d prefer a more mild drink.

You are able to choose the size and strength of your coffee with relative ease and don’t really have to worry about figuring out the right number of scoops to brew a perfect drink.

The machine comes with both the oneand two pod sized holders, and loads of us know that there are two clearly marked buttons to choose from when making your drink.

Overall, that said, this machine is simple and completely worth it.

You can make a regular cup with one pod when you select the one cup option, or a stronger cup by using two pods on the one cup setting. Lindy Manuel has a BA in Psychology and is a freelance writer and stay in the premises mom of two children.

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