The French Roast Is The Darkest Roast And It Contains Hints Of Caramel And Chocolate In Its Flavor: Review Of Newman’s Own Organic Coffee

Sweety, September 28, 2016

Newman’s Own coffee is produced by Green Mountain Coffee thanks to a special partnership between the worldfamous company founded by Paul Newman and the popular java company. Their organic coffee is made only of Arabica beans, that are amidst the two coffee types beans. Colombian Especial and Nell’s Breakfast Blend are two lighter roasts that are made with light and medium roast coffee beans. Newman’s Own coffee beans for sale are available in a lot of roasts. Then the Special Blend is made by combining medium and dark roasts and can be purchased in regular packages or in ‘KCups’. Basically, many of us are aware that there is also a decaffeinated version of the special Blend that can also be purchased in large bags or as ‘K Cups’.

Newman’s Own boasts two flavored coffees in its line, most organic coffee isn’t available in flavored roasts. Vanilla Caramel roast is naturally sweetened and void of artificial sweeteners and added sugars. Those who use K Cup machines can only experience this brand of java by drinking the Special Blend, one drawback of Newman’s Own is that while the Special Blend is sold in KCup packaging, none of the other roasts are. Newman’s Own coffee continues the tradition of producing food with a conscious with its line of organic coffee.