The Sweet Spot – Coffee at it’s Finest

You probably are wondering what all this “Sweety” talk is about, well it’s a long story. Most people have a pet name for their significant other – we have a pet name for our favorite beverage COFFEE. Coffee is a wonderful beverage that can elicit brilliant breakthroughs of thought and science. It isn’t just the caffeine that gives the kick. It’s the entire coffee “experience.” Coffee Plant

There is a long, sorted history behind this beverage. Not everyone agrees on when humans first started utilizing this magical bean (actually the pit of a cherry-like fruit.) What we do know is that coffee has transformed the face of the planet, and ushered in a new age of social reform and contemplation.

People DrinkingWay back in the day many Europeans drank beer as their primary source of hydration. It wasn’t because they enjoyed being blotto all day. They drank beer because water was boiled to create the wort. The boiling killed pathogens within the beer and alcohol helped to preserve the finished product. It was better to be stupified all day from drinking beer than to drink the water and getting the deadly squirts.

Many a historian will tell you that the discovery, cultivation and consumption of coffee helped sober up the masses. Coffee houses became a staple throughout Europe and the Middle East. The hot water used to brew coffee killed pathogens the same way boiling water to make beer. Instead of dulling people as beer did, coffee heightened people’s cognitive abilities. Not only were people no longer drunk, they were buzzed on caffeine which lead to all sorts of long-winded conversations. Throughout the ages coffee led to intense political and social debates which then led to change.Old Time Coffee House

Our moniker “Sweety” refers to our endearment for our beloved Coffea arabica.

If you are a coffee lover as we are you will be delighted with our coffee musings. We have gathered information about our beloved bean from around the world. We hope you enjoy our reflections about Sweety!